Dr. Friedman earned her B.A. in Psychology from the College of William & Mary and earned both her M.A. and PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Virginia in 2005. Pre- and Post-doctoral training was completed at the Salisbury VA Medical Center, with specialties in assessment and couples therapy.


Since completing formal training, Dr. Friedman has continued to develop her interests and expertise in assessment, particularly in the area of Learning and Attention Disorders. She has consulted with research studies at Wake Forest University, where she served as an Adjunct Professor in the Psychology Department and with researchers at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. Dr. Friedman continued her work with veterans at the VA Outpatient Clinic in Kernersville NC. She currently serves as the Associate Director of the Learning Assistance Center and Disability Services at Wake Forest University.


Dr. Friedman is licensed to practice psychology in the state of North Carolina and has extensive experience working with both children and adults, with continued specialization in psychoeducational assessment, couples therapy, and cognitive-behavioral and supportive individual therapeutic techniques. 

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